Jérémy Saudan

is a billingual (fr/engl) health practionner offers various therapies tailored to your individual needs.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture
Therapeutic massage
Sports massage
Manual lymphatic drainage




Manual lymphatic drainage




Traditional Chinese acupuncture

Strengthening vital force and immune system

Circulatory massage / anti-inflammatory

Therapeutic / Sport massage

Balance your energy


During a session I adapt the kind of treatment upon your demand and upon what I think will be the most efficient for you.
I am an ASCA & RME-certified therapist. Kindly check the list of insurance companies with whom we work before your appointment. www.rme.ch, www.asca.ch.

Goals within my practice

Goals are set with each patient during a detailed exam that will take place before the session, allowing me to pinpoint trouble spots and blockages needing attention.

Goals in workplace massage

Goals are set prior to each 20-minute session.  The emphasis is usually on issues relating to spending long hours sitting or in a stationary position.

Significant results can be obtained with massage performed sitting and clothed but the regularity of these massage can only contribute to better results.

Painful sports injuries can sometimes be improved/corrected at work but can also necessitate additional treatment outside of the workplace.